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    May 28, 2021 at 12:47 pm
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    The President of India is the head of the state and the first citizen of India. This is the technical definition of a president in India. He is has a position that holds the idea of solidarity, wisdom, and integrity of the nation. Coming to the official positions now. A president is in the Union Executive along with Vice-President and the cabinet.

    The President of India is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the first President of independent India.

    Ram Nath Kovind is the present president of India. He is the 14th president of the Indian Republic.

    How is the President of India elected?

    The President of India is elected by the members of the electoral college. The electoral college comprises of:

    – Elected Members of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

    – The members of Legislative Assemblies of the states and the Union Territories

    Powers of President in India:

    There are numerous power that President have, discussing the most important ones here.

    1. Executive Powers of President

    1. He is responsible for appointing the attorney general, chief election commissioner, chairman, members of the Union Public Service Commission, State Governors, and the CAG.

    2. He also appoints the inter-state council

    3. He is responsible to appoint all the administrators of the union territories.

    2. Legislative Powers of President

    1. The President has the power to order the Parliament in order to dissolve the Lok Sabha

    2. The president also requests for a joint sitting of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha whenever there is a case of ultimate deadlock between the two.

    3. The president nominates twelve members of the Rajya Sabha and two members to the Lok Sabha from the Anglo-Indian Community

    4. He can declare ordinances when required

    3. Financial Powers of President

    1. He can introduce the money bill.

    2.The president is responsible for laying the budget before the Parliament.

    4. Judicial Powers of President

    1. The president is also responsible for the appointment of Chief Justice and Judges of Supreme Court/High Court.

    2. The President has the power to pardon a punishment by a martial court or death sentence.

    Other than these the President has the supreme power whenever there is a state of emergency.

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