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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is farming? Reply To: What is farming?

  • Mahima

    May 28, 2021 at 1:33 pm
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    It is the practice of growing or harvesting food crops on the land. It is a part of agriculture.



    Farmers use draught animals and family members to cultivate tiny, dispersed properties. The method of doing the farming and the tools used in it are very simple. It is also known as family farming.

    Productivity is also very low in this type of farming, as the farmers are very poor to afford fertilizers and HYV seeds. The farmer and his family devour all of the farm’s food and have no excess to sell on the market. The due importance is given to food crops.

    2.Plantation farming

    It was brought about by Britishers in India in the 19th century. In this type of farming, only one cash food crop is grown and that is meant for sale.

    Plantation agriculture is distinguished by its large financial investment, wide estates, management skill, technological know-how, modern agricultural machinery, fertilizers, adequate transportation infrastructure, and a facility for processing the output.

    In Assam, sub-Himalayan West Bengal, and the Nilgiri, Anaimalai, and Cardamom Hills in the south, this form of agriculture is primarily practiced.

    3.Shifting farming

    This is a sort of agriculture in which a section of forest land is cleared mostly by tribal people by tree felling and burning, and crops are planted. When the fertility of the soil on the cleared area declines after 2-3 years, the tribe abandons it and moves to another piece of ground.

    The process continues, and after a 10-15-year hiatus, the farmers return to the initial plot of land. This sort of agriculture is practiced on 54 lakh hectares of land, with 20 lakh hectares cleared each year. The principal crops planted in this style of agriculture are dry paddy, buckwheat, maize, tiny millets, tobacco, and sugarcane. Due to this type of farming large-scale deforestation is done.

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