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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Conjunctions Reply To: Conjunctions

  • Rupali

    May 28, 2021 at 8:49 pm
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    Conjuction is the most important term in grammar. Without conjuction we can’t form any sentence. Conjuction is th glue that hold world, clauses and phrases together.

    We use conjuction in sentence making process. Conjuction are words used as joiners. Conjuction is backbone of a sentence.

    A Conjuction is a part of speech that is used to connect world as well as clauses or sentences conjuction are considered to be invariable grammar particles and they may or may not may stand between items they conjoin.

    There are three types of conjunction –

    1) Coordinating conjuction –

    Coordinating conjuction is join two words, phrase or clauses which are parallel in structure.

    Main seven coordinating conjuctions are and, but,so,yet, for, nor, or

    Example – Pizza and Burger are my favorite snacks.

    2) Subordinating conjuction-

    This type of conjuctions is used in linking two clauses together. It’s join elements of an unparallel sentence structure.

    Example – when he was washing my car , I went to the store.

    3) Correlative conjuction-

    Correlative Conjuction link parts of a sentence together. Correlative conjugation are paired words. It joins words or phrases having reciprocal or complementary relationship.

    Example- This cookie contains neither chocolate nor nuts.

    I hope you understand my answer.

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