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  • Kumari

    May 28, 2021 at 8:58 pm
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    Food and the nutrients present in a balanced diet are the components on which our body stands. For a living body to perform action certain vitamins, minerals, fats, protein, carbohydrates and that can only be consumed through the intake of food. There are a lot of advantages of taking health diet. They are:-
    helps to reduce stress, helps to perform action, makes body strong to fight infections,boost mood, making bones strong. Our body needs food and energy even for actions like sleeping and dreaming. Eating healthy means replacing salt and sugar with more nutritious options such as jaggery, natural sugar like sugarcane and taking very little amount of salt. Adding roughage and fibrous food to the food helps to maintain healthy gut health. Fibrous foods includes legumes,salads, leafy vegetables fruits and they also help in bowel movements. Foods like almonds help in improving memory power of an individual. Foods like dairy products, brocolli, eggs, fishes etc helps in making bones and teeth strong. Having an healthy diet helps a person to fight alot of disease by building the immune system.
    Even in this pandemic doctors prescribed us to have dry fruits, paneer, mutton, chicken, fish ,egg, dal so that our body get the capacity to fight corona virus. Apart from these having green vegetables and fruits helps our body to fight numerous diseases such as:- cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, cancer, diabetes , Gaistrointesitial disease,vision etc.
    Healthy diet , adequate amount of water and exercise if maintained properly also helps to cure mental health issues, psychological pain , releases stresss and also overcomes depression and also plays a very important role in weight loss. Having healthy helps us to keep our mind and body healthy leading to a peaceful life at workplace and home. Water consumption is also a very important important for our body and survival.

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