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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What is respiration? Reply To: What is respiration?

  • Rupali

    May 28, 2021 at 9:10 pm
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    Respiration is very important role in biology. respiration is metabolic process which occurs in all organisms. it occurs within the cell of organization in these process, the energy is produced by the breakdown of glucose which is further used by cell to perform various functions.

    The process of getting oxygen into the body and releasing carbon dioxide is called respiration. the energy is generate by breakdown of glucose molecules in all living cells of human body.

    Oxygen is inhaled and is transported to various parts and use in the process of burning food particles.

    The obtained glucose molecules are used for discharging energy in the form of ATP- Adenocine Triphosphate Molecules by the human body to fulfill essential process .

    Respiration is assessed for quality, rhythm and rate.

    The quality of person’s breathing is normally relaxed and silent. Respiratory distress can also cause nasal flaring, and the person often moves into tripod position.

    Respiration normally has a regular rhythm . A regular rhythm means that the frequency of the respiration follows an even tempo with equal intervals between each respiration.

    Respiration rates vary based on age. The normal resting respiratory rate for adults is 10-20 breathes per minute (OER#1). Children younger than one year normally have a respiratory rate of 30-60 breathes per minute, but by the age of ten, then normal rate is usually 18-30(OER#2).

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