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  • Jyothi krishna

    May 28, 2021 at 9:31 pm
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    Interview is a method to get jude about the behaviour of the candidates who were qualified to the post and determine the behaviour that cannot exposed through written exams, resumes and CV’s. Before attending an interview the company evaluate our resume so that it is better to add the sincere things about your hobbies and interests. The interview board is evaluating your character for which is apt to the hired position. Before attending an interview you must have an idea about your resume which send to the company. And have an idea about the hobbies that you add in it. Some people add the hobbies which is suitable for the company and the post, not their own. These troubles them in the interview section.

    Before attending an interview, you must have an idea about the company. Candidates who were unaware about the company may score badly. Through this the interviewer get the idea about the analysis skills of the candidates. Get the proper location of venue and time to reach there. Reach there half an hour earlier. Choose a good dress which is clean and ironed dress, it is nice to have a light coloured dress to choose. Have pair of shoes and matching socks. Take the certificate and documents in a file by arranging in a standard manner. Don’t forget to took the call letter.

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