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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is black fungus? Reply To: What is black fungus?

  • Manpreet

    May 29, 2021 at 12:38 am
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    Black fungus is also known as Mucormycosis. It spreads through fungal spores present in the environment – soil and air. It enters our body through the nasal passage and sometimes through any cut or wound in the skin. It affects the respiratory passage, in particular the sinuses and the lungs. It grows and develops in the sinuses leading to swelling in face.

    Other symptoms include-

    · Fever

    · Blackish nasal discharge

    · Swelling in the face

    · Redness in the face

    · Involuntary blinking of any one of the eyes

    · Blurred vision

    · Chest pain

    · Coughing blood

    · Blackening or discoloration on the nose and other parts of the face.

    The nation is dealing with a terrible hard time. Along with the pandemic it has been facing other issues, diseases like these, natural calamities etc. The nation and its people have been going through a lot. Let’s not lose hope. Let’s follow the guidelines designed by the government. Let’s help the nation by staying indoors. Let’s help the needy in any possible ways wr can.

    Stay safe and take care. 🌸

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