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Activity Discussion General Discussion Write about the reliable sides hustles for extra income? Reply To: Write about the reliable sides hustles for extra income?

  • Soniya

    May 29, 2021 at 2:20 am
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    It is an easy way of earning money apart from your regular jobs. It may basically break a freelancing project or may be an internship that would earn you easy money through your skills.

    The start of your careers can be hard – new city, transportation cost, electricity bills, rentals apartments , food and what not! . In such times, it is very hard to survive with a meagre salary. What about your dream life that you imagined?

    So it’s better to start a side hustle and earn something extra. The earlier you start the better. It provides you with experience and also saves you from the tension of unexpected job loss.

    No matter what skills you have or where you live, earning some extra bucks through side hustles and freelancing have now become easy and not lying, Thanks to the internet!! There are thousands of opportunities of making money waiting at your doorsteps and the only requirement is relevant SKILLS! Choose your unique set of hobbies, gain all the required skills and a bit of experience and you’re ready to fly!

    • Look for suitable internships that match your skills on various online platforms like Upwork, internshala, LinkedIn etc.

    • Try hobbies like writing books and photography.

    • Explore your passion for cooking and dance.

    • You can also start teaching on various online platforms.

    • Try blogging – it requires less time investment per day and also helps you express your views.

    • The freelancing/gig economy- These jobs are short term and on a contractual basis. The money you can is pretty good.

    Some skills that you can offer as a freelancer are :

    1. Content writer

    2. Graphic designer

    3. Web developer

    4. HR services

    5. Video editing

    6. Coding

    7. Writing

    8. Social media marketing

    9. Tutoring etc.

    • Investment on bank fixed deposits, mutual funds etc. although the pose an element of risk.

    • Rent your unused apartments and properties. They will provide you an assured income

    • Drive with ola or uber -This can be a very profitable side hustle in your free time.

    • Create and sell your own handmade products like frames, jewelry, home décor items etc.

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