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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are the challenges faced in the online mode of education? Reply To: What are the challenges faced in the online mode of education?

  • Nehal

    May 29, 2021 at 9:51 am
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    Changing from customary homeroom techniques and vis-à-vis teacher preparation to computer-based preparing during a virtual study hall makes the preparation experience is unique for school kids. It’s difficult for students with a “traditional” mindset to adopt the changes; however, the only solution is to adapt to the new learning circumstances with an open mindset and heart. Understanding the perks of eLearning and even discussing them with their peers may alter this attitude and can prepare students for online classes.

    Many students don’t seem to be having a high or the strong internet connection that online courses require, and thus fail to catch up with their virtual classmates. A number of them don’t even have their own computers and so many of them have no idea as to how to go about it. The sole solution to the present problem is knowing exactly what quite technological support they’re going to need for a particular course before enrolling in it, also as properly equipping themselves for the course’s successful completion.

    There are a bunch of students who do not have an internet connection. Some might have internet connections but there is a lot of network disturbance. It this very difficult for them to catch up because without the internet there cannot be e-learning. There are different places where there are no mobile towers. There are also few places where there is no electricity or have very little supply of electricity, it’s difficult for those to manage their things there.

    When we stay at homes in our houses in our comfort zone, there is a lack of self-motivation. And self-motivation is very important for an individual to keep up with the times. And also managing times becomes a great deal. The only solution is: while we are working from our homes, one needs to think that it is our workplace.

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