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Activity Discussion Essay What is the value of doing internships? Reply To: What is the value of doing internships?

  • Sakchi

    May 29, 2021 at 10:30 am
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    Internships are a kind of part time job either from home or from office itself . Internships are generally done during college days only or just after completing your college. Internship can be done in various career fields according to your choices . You can do internship either in your streem or in the skills you wants to develop . Internship has many values .

    You can firstly get the knowledge how to do any work before having job . Internship is also professional so there you can learn about your work and experiences .

    You can make or upadate your resume . Resume is very important for any kind of interview. So by having your internship obviously you can make a resume that also get information about that.

    You can build up your experience that helps in getting your job in future. Yes , if you are attending any job interview than the interviewer may asked you about your experience so by doing internship you will have this.

    After completing any internship you will get certificate and letter of recommendation so you will be motivated .

    Basically internships are the part of courses to develop your confidence , personality . It also helps in getting experience about the work . You can also developed your basic skills like speaking and writing.

    Internship are very beneficial for every college students .

    Thank you!!

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