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Activity Discussion General Discussion Is self study important? Reply To: Is self study important?

  • Sakchi

    May 29, 2021 at 11:28 am
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    Self study means to study by your self and clear your doubts . Yes self study is very important for each and every student . When a teacher teaches in a classroom he/she donot recognise that every one is satisfied with his teching . Or every student has understand the topic . So doing self study for yourself is very important . If a student is doing self study than he she can know what is teacher teaching to them . He should collect more information regarding the topic . Self study also help in learning about current topics very well. Also she can develop a habit of research work that is very important.

    By doing self study every doubts become clear and student enjoys learning . It is believed that if a student is doing self study very well than he/ she doesn’t require any mentor or tutor .

    During self study Student himself arises doubts and solve it . So it is such a nice habit.

    Now the question is how. Many time we devotee to self study.

    It totally depends on the standard of your class either you are at primary school or secondary school . You may devotee 4-5 hours for your self study.

    Way to do self study .

    1. Read the chapter line by line. Means you have to read the whole chapter of any subjects .

    2. Point out the important points or formulas in between with markets or pencil. Highlight the important terms of the chapter.

    3. Once you finished your chapter with proper understanding point out your doubts and ask to your mentor or teacher or try to solve it by your own.

    4. Practise questions and answers of the chapter and solve it.

    5. Try to recap of revise the finished chapters with the interval of 7 days .

    This is a kind of sample for self study you can make your own also. But do self study !!!

    Hope you will be satisfied with my answer.

    Thank you !!

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