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    May 29, 2021 at 1:24 pm
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    Rayon fiber was originated in France in 1894. Rayon is defined as a natural fiber that is produced from cellulose procured from the extracted spongy material from wood.

    Rayon is much different from cotton and flax. It is easily available.

    Rayon is usually formed to staple if there is any need for bleaching.

    Uses of Rayon

    1. It is used in industries, the rayon has limited uses and application. It cannot endure much strain and functions and also it is costly.

    Thus the cotton textiles and materials are used much more.

    2. They are used essentially in the manufacture of vests and suits.

    3. They are used for making bed sheets and blankets.

    4. It is used in the production of tyre cod.

    5. Used in making saree and also sometimes to make other clothing items.

    6. A vital component in medicine, as it is used in making bandages.


    1. They are known to have low wet strength. This means that they can get shrank easily whenever they are wet. Hence, dry cleaning is an effective method to clean rayon. However, there are some rare rayons that permit wet washing.

    2. They have the tendency to get wrinkled.

    3. Naturally, it remains unaffected by insects and their damages.

    4. They are known to have higher resistance to acids and remain undamaged when bleach is used.

    5. Rayon can be burnt.

    6. Under moisture conditions, rings are formed on it.

    7. Rayons are also seen to become a limp after a continuous period of dry cleaning.

    9. They are good absorbents. Thus, whenever colors are used they set in quickly.

    10. They are thinner with respect to the surface area, hence allow much more comfortable breathing.

    Hence, overall is a perfectly good material that can be used for multiple cases. However, precautions and care must be taken to keep it alright in a good condition.

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