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Activity Discussion Essay A good listener can only be a good speaker. Reply To: A good listener can only be a good speaker.

  • Shivani

    May 29, 2021 at 1:31 pm
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    It would facilitate young managers if they listen fastidiously to what folks area unit spoken language, before they begin talking.

    “Most of these paying attention to a voice communication area unit simply waiting to start out talking,” says Mark Brown, a US-based speechmaker. “Very usually, sensible ideas and solutions will return from your subordinates, if you hear them,” says Brown.

    It’s as vital to speak clearly and effectively, he says, to avoid ambiguity.

    He ought to understand a issue or 2 regarding speaking. In 1995, Brown aced a contest involving twenty,000 folks from fourteen countries to win the Toastmasters World Championship of speaking. Since then, he has been a world traveler, speaking on a range of subjects — to over one.5 million folks eventually count — across 5 continents.

    He was in urban center recently to talk at Reverberation 2017, the semi-annual conference of District eighty two of Toastmasters International.

    Elaborating on the importance of AN unambiguous message, Brown says: “Suppose you say, ‘I want this ASAP’. To some folks, ASAP might mean ‘as presently as potential on behalf of me supported my current set of priorities’. So, be specific and say, ‘Can i purchase this by two pm tomorrow afternoon’. Specificity results in clarity.”

    Specificity and clarity

    “Are your emails or SMS communication clear enough, and do your colleagues perceive them? typically, poor communication will cause poor designing and maybe a poor product, and may price plenty of cash. So, mind however you send emails and text messages,” is Brown’s recommendation to young managers.

    Brown says that whereas speaking publicly, it’s vital {to know|to perceive|to grasp} the audience and understand their perspective.

    “Put yourself in their shoes and suppose however your words will facilitate them reach an explicit goal or gain data or entertain them. additionally, one needs to take care that one’s message is valid. Learning to own eye contact, to pause and build a relationship with the audience, these area unit skills that one will learn,” he elaborates.

    One will actually learn and train to be a good speaker. Brown speaks from expertise, having left Jamaica for the US once he was eighteen.

    “I couldn’t speak well. My voice would path off, however over time and thru Toastmasters, I gained the boldness to talk clearly, and believed that my voice ought to be detected.”

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