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  • Aruja

    May 29, 2021 at 2:02 pm
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    Group discussion can be considered as a gathering in which people come together and discuss about some common Mata it could be related to to help social issues financial issues or to spread any kind of awareness that is important nowadays in a group in a group discussion there are many kind of people to think from different perspective and if you are organising a group discussion it is your responsibility to make everyone understand the Moto the discussion the conclusion and how to adapt the conclusion into their life properly the key points which can help you to lead a successful group discussion are.

    1) Make sure it is quiet in the discussion, so that everyone can focus.

    2) You should always sart by saying something or question that can attract the listner to listen further carefully.

    3) Always explain in the easy language as everyone may not be able to understand the complex one.

    4) Always move step by step in any discussion. 1st start with what is the descious is actually about, the moto, the importance, the results that can motivate them, the conclusion with solution, and then make some statements which can make peple follw the steps to conclude the problem.

    5) The key point to lead a good group discussion is that you should take everyone’s opinion with you. Like ask everyone what is your opinion, if you have anything to say or want to give any suggestion, ask the people to respond and ask them if they agree with the ongoing point or not time to time. So that they can feel that they are the part of this discussion and they also holds some responsibilities to make this discussion successful and get a fruitful outcome from it.

    6) Respect everyone’s opinion and make others to give respect to everyone’s opinion. In the group discussion there are different type of people who hold different perspective about any discussion. So it’s important that if you are leading the discussion you should make sure that you don’t make any point that is offending to anyone or give a valid reason that you are making a point that is against someone’s opinion and make sure that nobody else in the group make the point that is offending, if anyone wants to make any changes into someone’s prospective they should give a reason and speak respectfully.

    7) There should be no disturbance or for a scenario in which everyone want to speak first or everyone is speaking together. Everyone should get a chance to speak at a proper time so that everyone’s opinion can be listened and discussed.

    These are some important points.

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