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Activity Discussion Environment Which is better recycle or reuse? Reply To: Which is better recycle or reuse?

  • Aruja

    May 29, 2021 at 2:15 pm
    Not Helpful

    Recycle this means that you collect plastic paper glass and metal items and recycle these materials to make required things instead of synthesizing for extracting fresh plastic paper glass or metal in order to recycle we first need to separate our base so that the material that can be recycled is not dumb along with other places we have special machines to recycle good it is very important and useful method to save our earth from the increasing waste special leader plastic waste because now there is no place to dump plastic and people are starting burning at which causes a huge amount to the air and other natural resources like ozone layer.

    Example – you can recycle plastic bottle bye by making plastic poly bags from it, paper by making another sheet of paper from it, melting a metal object into another useful metal object instead of manufacturing new objects.

    Reuse this is actually even better than recycling because the process of recycling uses some energy. As it is clear that you cannot produced a new sheet of paper from old used sheet of paper at home you need to send it to a particular factory where this work has done properly by machineries and machinery require energy. In the reuse you simply use things again and again instead of throwing away used envolopes you can reverse it and use it again, the plastic bottles in which you buy various food items like jam, pickels can be used for storing things in the kitchen. The most important thing in reusing things is that this can be done at your personal level and this can be followed by everyone in any type of household whether it’s a rich family a middle class or poor family. It is also a money saving method so you don’t have to buy jars for different items in the kitchen and it helps you to keep your kitchen essentials in organised manner.

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