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Activity Discussion General Discussion What are the challenges faced in the online mode of education? Reply To: What are the challenges faced in the online mode of education?

  • Tejasri

    May 29, 2021 at 3:49 pm
    Not Helpful

    Online classes are the greatest and the biggest task to all the students. It is so difficult for all the students to understand the topics in a detailed manner. Even though the students try their level best to understand the topics during the online class, it is only the 50% of learning but the topics are not understood properly but the students and face lots of difficulties.

    Understanding the lectures is a bit appreciable when compared with the laboratories. For the students like electronics and communication engineering students, it is very difficult to understand her labs through online that is the virtual labs. Every circuit must be connected according to the circuit diagram and the values must be noted down. And it is a very difficult task to perform in the online platform.

    It is also equal difficult to conduct exams to all mine because it’s exams are connected through online then there is a chance formal practices. Basically, students commit malpractices during exams in a view to get good marks but not about the knowledge. So,many of the students commit malpractices.

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