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Activity Discussion Math Integration and differentiation Reply To: Integration and differentiation

  • Anushree

    May 29, 2021 at 6:39 pm
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    Mathematics is a subject of great interest and has its roots wide spread. Application of mathematics is found in each and every step of our daily life, it can provide solution to every complex problem. A very vivid and calculative part of mathematics is Calculus, it deals with infinitesimally small quantities and thus is extremely relatable in the world of research and development. Calculus, as it is practiced today, was invented in the 17th century by British scientist Isaac Newton (1642-1726) and German scientist Gottfried Leibnitz (1646-1716), who independently developed the principles of calculus. Calculus is further classified into two major parts that includes differential calculus and integral calculus. It provides a framework for modeling systems in which there is change, and a way to deduce the predictions of such models.

    Differential calculus deals with differentiation of functions of one or more variables. Concerned with instantaneous rates of change and slope of curves. Differential equations provide a great spectrum of knowledge and is a very interesting topic to all the mathematicians out there.

    Integration is the reverse process of differentiation, Integral calculus deals with Integration of function of one or more variables. Concerned with accumulation of quantities and area under or between curves and many more.

    Definitions from: B.S Grewal

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