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Activity Discussion Environment Environmental issues Reply To: Environmental issues

  • Anushree

    May 29, 2021 at 7:45 pm
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    Environment is the composition of both biotic and abiotic components, its holds everything together and creates a balance between flora and fauna. But now a days we human beings have caused a lot of issues to our environment. Especially with our growth, we tend to degrade the environment and destroy our own ecosphere. We do things like deforestation we also engage in causing various types of pollutions such as air pollution which is caused by constant emission of harmful gases from factories, we also dispose untreated toxic garbage directly into water bodies and landfills and this causes water and soil pollution respectively.

    Since all these years our mother earth and the environment has been withstanding all of these but since last few years, we are facing drastic comebacks in the name of environmental issues. Due to the increasing Carbon dioxide the earth is heating and we are facing global warming as a result the ice caps are melting down resulting in tsunami. We are also experiencing havocs like earthquakes giving high vales in the Richter scale. The deforestation activities have resulted in landslides and less amount of pure oxygen. The ozone layer depletion is also causing great loss to the human.

    Environment is taking back all the evils done to it and now its our turn to withstand all of these in the name of environmental issues.

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