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Activity Discussion Essay essay on health is wealth Reply To: essay on health is wealth

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 29, 2021 at 7:46 pm
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    The usage”health is wealth” is an idiomatic usage. This share us about the idea that our health is our wealth. Have a good health than have much money or other luxury. Through a proper health system we can do any works either office or physical. We do work to get daily bread to us and our family. Work with our efficiency. Not to gain more profit ny loosing our health. We can only earn money if we have a good health and physical condition. We can see many workers who avoid their daily breakfast when they become late to reach the work place. This hurry burry activities affect the health badly.

    The mental health is based on our physical health. If we avoid the breakfast, lunch or dinner then our digestive system become unconditional and badly affects the sleep. If we don’t get proper sleep, we can’t do our works properly. Don’t miss food. Have a proper time to have food. We are earn money to have food. Then why we avoid food? Sometimes we earn money for our family, but if we have a bad physical condition there is no one there to help us. So don’t try to have a chance for that. Our good life time is the time that we have a good health. If we have health, we can live in any circumstances.

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