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Activity Discussion General Discussion Why should we not consume cold water on a regular basis? Reply To: Why should we not consume cold water on a regular basis?

  • Mahima

    May 29, 2021 at 11:27 pm
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    1.Effects digestion – The blood vessels are constricted by chilled water and various cold drinks, which can limit digestion. When you drink chilly water, the normal process of absorbing nutrients during digestion is hampered. The reason for this is because your body’s attention is diverted from digesting to body temperature regulation and cooled water. When you ingest anything with a very low temperature, your body has to use additional energy to maintain body temperature. The additional energy is required for effective digestion and nutritional absorption, which is being hampered.

    2.Decreases heart rate – Another reason to avoid chilly water is that it slows down your heart rate. Drinking cooled water not only lowers heart rate but also activates the vagus nerve, according to studies. The nerve that regulates the body’s involuntary activities. The nerve is an important component of the nervous system. The heart rate ultimately decreases since the vagus nerve is directly impacted by the low temperature of the water.

    3.Shocks the body – Many individuals make the mistake of drinking cooled water after working out, especially in the summer. Gym gurus, on the other hand, recommend drinking warm water after a workout. When you exercise, your body produces a lot of heat. There is a temperature mismatch when you consume chilly water, which affects your gut health.

    4.Constipation – The digestive process requires room temperature water; however, consuming chilly water might cause constipation. The reason for this is because when you drink chilly water, the food solidifies and hardens in your body. Constipation is caused by the contraction of the intestines, which is one of the most common reasons.

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