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  • Nehal

    May 29, 2021 at 11:39 pm
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    Studying makes a lot of difference in an individual’s life. Studying is very important and according to me making students study till class 12th should be mandatory. This does not only help a country like India to grow but will also help to stop child labor to an extent. At the same point of time study needs motivation. If a person or a kid is well-motivated he/she can study well and will also realize the importance of studying and becoming an educated person. Here are the following things that will help to motive students to study:

    – One needs to be Inspirational. If teachers or parents inspire students that can help them feel motivated. These people can inspire them by telling them stories about famous personalities who became successful after a lot of struggle and good education.

    – Giving students a sense of control over things can help a lot.

    – Giving rewards to students can also help, if they complete this task or do a particular work assigned to them within the time frame, they would receive gifts or something which they want.

    – Help students to understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities they have, and also threat which they might face.

    – Giving students reason to study by giving them practical knowledge and not only theoretical knowledge.

    – Communicate as much as you can. Communication is the key to understand students, after understating students it is easier for a person to motivate them as they know the liking and disliking of persons.

    – Appreciation also makes a lot of difference. One needs to acknowledge the fact that the student is trying hard and needs appreciation for the same. Appreciation can a lot of difference.

    Even after trying these things students might not feel motivated, there’s nothing to worry about the same. Few students understand it early and few of them might understand it after somethings and it normal.

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