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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on Florence Nightingale? Reply To: Essay on Florence Nightingale?

  • Shivani

    May 30, 2021 at 5:46 pm
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    Florence Nightingale is revered because the founding father of trendy nursing. Her substantial contributions to health statistics area unit less accepted. She initial gained fame by leading a team of thirty eight nurses to workers a distant hospital of land army throughout the warfare.1 Newspaper reports of unhygienic conditions at the hospital had aroused the general public, and also the Secretary of War responded by appointing a team of nurses to deal with things. The Secretary was a fan of Nightingale’s and knew her leadership skills. Nightingale and her team arrived in Turkey in Nov 1854. They found hospital conditions were way worse than reported . The wards were immensely overcrowded, patients were coated with rags dirty with dried blood and excreta, the installation was contaminated, and also the food uneatable. waste discharged onto floors of wards and dead animals unsound within the courtyards. consistent with Nightingale, the hospital case-fatality rate throughout the primary months once her arrival was thirty second.2

    Although Nightingale didn’t settle for the construct of microorganism infection, she deplored situation and unhygienic conditions. She place her nurses to figure sanitizing the wards and bathing and vesture patients. Nightingale self-addressed the a lot of basic issues of providing tight food and water, ventilating the wards, and kerb rampant corruption that was decimating medical provides. She had to beat a clumsy and hostile military forms, that she did partly by paying for remedy from non-public sources, together with her own funds. She conjointly unbroken careful statistics. among half-dozen months, the hospital case fatality had born to twenty.

    When Nightingale came back to London three years later, she was a national hero. However, among many a lot of years she had become associate degree invalid herself (suffering at age forty from what might are chronic fatigue syndrome). though she lived as a recluse for ensuing fifty years, she continued to exert substantial influence on nursing and public health through letters, books, conference displays, and private persuasion.3

    She was good in arithmetic and much before her time in understanding the importance of health knowledge. She argued (unsuccessfully) that Parliament ought to extend the 1860 census to gather knowledge on illness and incapacity, and she or he advocated for the creation of a Chair in Applied Statistics at university. The Royal applied math Society acknowledged her contributions to health knowledge by electing Nightingale to membership—the initial lady to be therefore honored—and the yankee applied math Association created her associate degree unearned Member.

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