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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on time and tide waits for none? Reply To: Essay on time and tide waits for none?

  • tanya

    May 30, 2021 at 8:56 pm
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    Even though we can’t keep every trace of time, still we are bound to it. It is such a virtue that is all around us and even some of us take it for granted, yet is one of the most magical forces in the universe. Every single thing in this universe is bound to time. Starting from the rising sun, ending with the moon, everything occurs at the respective timing. Be it the flowers that are to bloom in a season, if it is not its accurate time, it won’t bloom. Aging and decaying, all of it happen on time. It is the most precious resource we can ever have.

    There is an English proverb based on the time and that is “Time and Tide wait for none”. Time once lost can never be recaptured. Even if we ever notice the tides waving in the waterside, the flow happens on its time. The tides never stop for anyone. Even if you try to hold it in your hand, it will stream back, and the next tide will follow. Similarly, time progresses at its own pace. It doesn’t matter if you utilize that time or not, it will go on and on.

    Time can make you a ruler or a homeless person at the same time in a fraction of seconds. There is a motivational saying that states that everyone in this world has 24 hours, whether utilize it in the right direction or regret later. The blame game does not work in this case as everyone have 24 hours only to do whatever they want to do. If someone wants to achieve something, they will utilize every minute to every second of their life. The one who becomes successful in life knows the worth of time and how to utilize it the correct way.

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