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Activity Discussion Math What is square? Reply To: What is square?

  • Aashutosh

    May 30, 2021 at 10:17 pm
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    A square is a two-dimensional plane figure that has four equal sides. All four interior angles present in the square are equal to 90 degrees.

    Square can be defined as a four-sided polygon that has all four sides of equal length and all four angles are also equal and are of 90 degrees each. Also, the diagonals of the square are equal and bisect each other at 90 degrees.

    Square doesn’t have any types but it can follow different cases:

    1. If a rectangle has all the sides in equal length it is called a square.

    2. If a rhombus has a right vertex angle it is known as a square.

    3. Similarly, a parallelogram with all its two adjacent equal sides and one right vertex angle can form a square.

    The most significant properties of a square are as follows:

    1. All four interior angles of a square are equal to 90°.

    2. All four sides are congruent or equal to each other.

    3. The opposite sides of a square are parallel to each other.

    4. The diagonals of the square bisect each other at 90°.

    5. The two diagonals of a square are also equal to each other.

    6. The square has four vertices and four sides.

    7. The length of the diagonals is greater than the sides of the square.

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