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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on famous writers Reply To: Essay on famous writers

  • Mahima

    May 31, 2021 at 12:36 am
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    Ruskin Bond is a well-known novelist who, despite his British ancestry, is of Indian heritage. Furthermore, Ruskin Bond has had a significant impact on the development of children’s literature in India.

    Ruskin Bond was born on May 19, 1934, in Kasauli, India. His parents’ names are Edith Clarke and Aubrey Bond, respectively. His father was a member of the Royal Air Force, therefore he and his kid were frequently transported from one location to another.

    Ruskin Bond and his parents divorced when he was eight years old. His mother then married a Punjabi-Hindu guy. Furthermore, Bond’s connection with his mother was complicated, since the two had little regard for each other.

    His father gave him his complete attention, which aided his development. His father, on the other hand, abruptly vanished from his life. Such tragedy had a profound effect on Ruskin Bond, and he was broken as a result.

    Ruskin Bond moved to Dehradun to live with his grandmother when his father died suddenly. In addition, he received his early schooling at Shimla’s Bishop Cotton School.

    His first twenty years of life had such an impression on him that he became an excellent writer. Despite having had a tough life, he has grown and matured as a person. Most notably, Ruskin chose to pursue a career as a serious writer, as his father had wished.

    As a result, he found comfort in reading literature. Ruskin Bond’s father was also responsible for instilling this reading habit in him. Rudyard Kipling, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, and Rudyard Kipling are among his favorite authors.

    Ruskin Bond’s reading style is simple but engaging, and he can rapidly draw in readers. Furthermore, his writing style is simple enough for youngsters and laypeople to comprehend. His time in the lovely hill stations of the Himalayan foothills may have had the most effect on his creative works.

    At the age of 17, Ruskin Bond penned the classic piece “The Room on the Roof,” which was influenced by his experiences at Dehra Dun. Ruskin Bond has published almost 300 books, short tales, and articles since then. Moreover, ‘The Blue Umbrella,’ ‘Vagrants in the Valley,’ and ‘A Flight of Pigeons’ are among his most well-known pieces.

    He is one of the famous writer.

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