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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on time and tide waits for none? Reply To: Essay on time and tide waits for none?

  • Sakchi

    May 31, 2021 at 10:11 am
    Not Helpful

    Yes it the very true fact that time and tide waits for none. Although time is money and even precious than money . You can earn money when you want. But you cannot earn time. It was believed that postponing your work for tomorrow will never complete. Give importance to time . If you lost today you will lost tomorrow . I am giving you a example . Suppose you have your boards exams after six months . You are now thinking okay I will do study later . He is postponing his study for tomorrow . Now only 2 months are left for our exams , he is now in worry but he is not studying thus the exam day has come and he is not prepared for exams and didn’t score well in exams. This is the lesson we have to live in our present only . If we live in our past , it reminds you the things happened in it and you will be in pain and if you think about future than you get disturbed about it. So always live in present and respect your time .

    You should do your work in time and never left it for tomorrow. Once a time will gone will never came again respect it .

    Enjoy every moment of your life . Good things left for some time only .

    Thank you!!

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