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Activity Discussion Environment What is the Wild Life Protection Act? Reply To: What is the Wild Life Protection Act?

  • tanya

    May 31, 2021 at 2:13 pm
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    Wildlife, which is a part of the environment without which our ecosystem cannot work, constitutes the wealth of our nation. Wildlife includes animals, birds, trees, etc. However, the man in the pursuit of his own selfish needs is trying to destroy the forests and animals. Nature has provided us this wonderful gift and we are only causing so much damage to them. We should in fact take care of the animals around us. And also, we should plant trees more often to enhance biodiversity.

    In order to protect the wildlife from further damage, the Indian Parliament had passed the Wildlife Protect Act in the year 1972. The main objective of this Act is to provide utmost protection to the animals and birds. The Act empowers the Central Government to build some areas as Wildlife Sanctuaries or National Parks. This Act forbids the hunting of wild animals and birds and also inflicting some serious actions against the people found indulging in it. This Act contains 66 sections in it that are divided into 7 chapters and 6 schedules. The State Government has the authority to declare any area as a Wildlife Sanctuary if it fits all the required criteria for the same. The State Government also has the authority to declare any area whether in a sanctuary or not to be constituted as a national park, for the purpose of protecting the wild animals or developing wildlife.

    Also, there are some serious actions that are to be taken if anyone is found offending the rules of the Wildlife Protection Act. Such offense shall be punishable with imprisonment for more than 3 years at least. The term shall be extended up to 7 years in addition to the fine commencement with at least an amount of ten thousand. People should not mess with the rules of this Act or they shall be punished.

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