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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is the best hour to study? Reply To: What is the best hour to study?

  • Anushree

    May 31, 2021 at 6:44 pm
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    Study is a kind of meditation; it requires concentration and devotion and also most importantly it requires everyday call of action. It is not a short tenure job. A knowledgeable person or a person who is interested in gaining knowledge has to keep acquiring knowledge and practice throughout his/ her lifetime.

    Everyone has their individual capacity to study and also prefer to study at their suitable time. But basically, there are two types of students the first kind is the one who study in the morning and the other block consists of those who prefer studying at night and rest in the morning.

    But researchers say that the best time to study is the one when the students are left undisturbed and such time period are firstly during dawn the starting of the day fills students with positivity and gives them energy and enthusiasm. Students in order to concentrate should practice studying in table chair and also should follow a perfect schedule.

    A schedule helps a student to know their goals previously and also does help in accomplishing them. They should take small breaks in order to get refreshed and stay away from every kind of distraction. If a student is determined to study then every hour is the best hour to study.

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