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  • Jyothi krishna

    May 31, 2021 at 8:06 pm
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    Everyone are being a learner or student in every time. We only stops our studying at the end of our life. But we give the title of student only when he or she are studying in a school, college or an institution. Every students passing through different situations how their life turns. So it is important to have a person who leads them to a correct way. We called it as a motivation. For students, they are responsible to find their motivator. Because the motivator must a person who is touches the heart of the student. It is based on the visions and dreams of the students. A motivation must be changed the life, if it touches the inner heart. Through that they are able to be more dedicate to their studies.

    There are many students who are bad in their studies. That is not their problems. Reason is there is no one who listens their ideas and dreams. Or no source to get a motivational message. We can see that there are many young people who dedicated to get a job in Indian army, because there are many people who shares their life as a motivation. So like that to have a good motivation helps the students to choose their apt field to concentrate their studies. There is no value of the jobs without the intrest of the employer. So have to find our best field and place of talent. Students later became a employee or employer.

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