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Activity Discussion General Discussion How is social media harming the mental peace? Reply To: How is social media harming the mental peace?

  • Soniya

    June 1, 2021 at 2:29 am
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    Each coin has two sides. While social media has its own benefits but no one can deny the fact that it also causes a lot of chaos which could have been avoided if there was no social media. Everything comes with a good and a bad side and it just depends on the person how he wishes to use it.

    Social media has opened the gates of Technology for everyone. It has so many benefits like people can now connect to their old friends with whom they had lost their touch a long time ago, now even a middle class student can enroll into a good coaching just by staying at his own home alone it’s to travel to various Different cities in order to gain knowledge he just has to enroll in online classes, Also, with the advent of social media people can Express their emotions freely to a larger group of people.

    As compared to the earlier time people have now become more aware of their surroundings. They also have become aware of the mean and requirements of other people and during the pandemic and social media has played a great role in arranging medical supplies like bed and oxygen for different people.

    But the virtual reality can have a lot of negative impact on the minds of the people. People set idolizing some people and want to gain a physique just like them. To achieve these goals they use some shortcut which may have long lasting bad impact on their health.

    Also children and teenagers are the first one to be carried away by this virtual reality and not fun they start considering all this as the real life. Parents should always keep a check on their children so that they do not involve with social media at a very young age.

    The world of social media at times is full of fake people who do not care about others feelings. As social media guarantees a freedom of speech people start doing hate comments to each other and involving in baseless fights. Therefore it is always better to use social media wisely and children should not get involved with social media without the prior permission of the parents.

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