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Activity Discussion Environment What will happen if our planet will become pollution free? Reply To: What will happen if our planet will become pollution free?

  • Sakchi

    June 1, 2021 at 11:07 am
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    Actually it is quite imaginary that our planet become pollution free, because it is really a big deal . Pollution is like every where . From air to water , from soil to sound every where . If our planet become pollution free than life of organism must be too much improved . People will not suffer with so many polluting disease like asthma , shortage of oxygen etc.

    Our mother Earth will also become very happy . Earth provides everything essential to us free only . So, in return we only need to protect it . Other organism will also be very hapy with these changes .

    Then we will together survive happily and also take care of each other . We will no more face global warming , climatic change and so on . We can cultivate healthy crop without their failure.

    Really our planet will become a real heaven .

    Yes it is true it is the most difficult task but not an impossible task

    Plant more and more trees

    Afforestation is the key to get that afforestation will decrease air pollution , global warming , climatic change , brings rain . So plant more and more trees.

    Say no to private transport

    Use as much as you can use public transport . This will decrease pollution to an extent .

    Water bodies should be clean . Every person is strictly responsible to clean his locality . Our earth is not a private property everybody should take care of it .

    Drainage should be checked with regular intervals of time .

    Conservation of water , electricity, natural resources , tress should be in each and every member of country .

    Proper waste management system. Proper disposal of industrial waste that is too much polluting our environment . Factories should use the filters to purify polluted air .

    These are some of the measure by which we can achieve it yes it is not easy but can be achievable . Try to do it .

    Thank you!!

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