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Activity Discussion Essay Online class Reply To: Online class

  • Anushree

    June 1, 2021 at 6:31 pm
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    The Global Pandemic caused due to the covid-19 virus has shifted the whole education system to the online platform. Classes which previously were conducted mostly in physical infrastructures are now being conducted in online platforms such as zoom and google meet; Study materials are being circulated in softcopies and even examinations are taken by the students online. This sudden drastic shift in one way has been advantageous as students no longer need to spend time in travelling, students can repeat recorded lectures for their better understandings and has given both the students and teachers the opportunity to teach and learn at the comfort of home but at the same time it has numerous challenges this paper talks about the challenges faced in the online mode of Teaching-Learning Process, and also discusses various methods of how to overcome these. Education or knowledge is the light which enlightens one’s soul and helps one always to walk on the path of truth and justice. Education is also one of the most basic and fundamental right to which each and every human being should have access to. Education is the foundation for any human and is the most powerful weapon to stand against any injustice. Lack in proper education is not only harmful but can also be disastrous. For a developing country like India where most of the people belong to middle class family education and enlightenment is a necessity for people to grow and for the country to grow. Lack of proper education stands up like an obstruction to any kind of advancement and without advancement a nation tends to get back gear in all fields of development.

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