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Activity Discussion Essay Online class Reply To: Online class

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 1, 2021 at 8:01 pm
    Not Helpful

    As the pandamic condition is going on we are forced to do all works from home. That is not because of anyone or any government. We can’t wait to open the schools after the pandamic. Even if the scientists or researchers can’t say an approximate time to the end of corona. Only we can that to adjust with the new conditions. If we don’t start the education system there are many problems. Age doesn’t wait for anyone. After the age over, we don’t get a good job. May be government increase the upper age limit. But we are responsible to earn money and have a job. In the present condition it is difficult to have money. We get job only after the qualifications. We can spend this time as fruitful.

    Online classes are useful only by average. There is not any direct interaction between students and teachers or students and students. This leads the students, mainly the students from primary and upper primary section, to be introvert. They don’t have any communications to the outside. Online classes are being very bad to the health conditions. The age of 18 was the age of growth. They don’t get any physical exercises. Many students won’t get enough internet connection to attend the classes. If they lose many classes and notes, they become sad and later it leads to a state of depression. So the parents and teachers tries to keep their mental health as stable. On the other side teacher suffering a lot. They spend their salary to pay for internet connection. They have many classes with in a day. They become tired and want to make notes, questions etc. Some female teachers want to do their household works, take care of their kids and husband with this.

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