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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on My most important person Reply To: Write an essay on My most important person

  • Edutuber

    June 2, 2021 at 1:14 am
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    The most important person in one’s life will be the one who has influenced him / her a lot. This person maybe one’s mother, father , friend , teacher , a historic character etc. This person will be different for many people. Some may say that mother is their most important person so is father. Both of them have influenced us a lot. Mother has suffered all the pain of parturition for giving us birth. She carried us safely for nine months. But the father has been toiling day by day from winter to summer from flood to drought. He is the keystone of the house. He protects his family at all cost. Some person may have a different attitude towards this. Rather than parents, one among his peer group of friend list will be the most important person. He / She would be the person that one shares all his worries and take advices . Some people may consider some sports stars or film stars as their role model. But it is important that one should never be biased by any of their belief, even if it is political or religious . One should devolep his own beliefs and stands. One should not feel shame in changing their attitude towards the matter. The best qualities of the person who is the role model must be taken and bad should be removed.

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