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Activity Discussion Essay Technology Reply To: Technology

  • Ishita

    June 2, 2021 at 11:11 am
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    Misuse of Technology

    Technology is most gifted thing in our lives. Technology make possible every thing which we could ever think of. We can use technology in every positive way like connecting with our friends and family, research, studies and many more. But the misuse of technology can very much destructive. It cause a great damage in many people. Technology can effect negatively on social and literacy skills as well as in social relationship. It can ruin our atmosphere and ultimately life in the earth. It turned our life more than fiction than reality. It is both blessing and curse. It can cause many malicious cyber crime which can harm other people and do unwholesome thing. Misuse of technology also includes sharing or transferring other people’s data like important information, documents, or money. Sometimes the act of terrorism can conduct by the use of technology. Technology can use badly by use network side for wrong reasons like cyber bullying, harassment, or speeding wrong news. It can spread hatred and negativity to other lives. It can also use to cheat in exam. And internet hackers can use it more dangerously to destroy other people’s lives. Many of the teenagers can fell in the trap of them which can lead to dangerous end like committing suicide. So the thing we can do to prevent it is be more careful and protective. Always be careful using any social networking site or internet, report them who spread any hatred or violence through social media.Together we can overcome every threat.

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