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Activity Discussion Essay What are the different types of etiquette in a public place? Reply To: What are the different types of etiquette in a public place?

  • Shweta

    June 2, 2021 at 5:56 pm
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    Etiquettes and manners are that behavior which every person obtains in them. Therefore, manners can be bad as well but the etiquettes and manners of a person should be standardized and good. We have always heard the saying that “First impression is the last impression”. This is true on the basis of human manners. That means, if we meet someone for the first time, the etiquettes and manners of ours will highlight the character. We should always focus to grow up our good manners and full of etiquettes.

    Most of the time, the etiquette and manners of the person is being judged in public places. The restaurant, where we go to eat. We need to learn the etiquettes in a table manner. It means the manner of eating calmly with a spoon, having less food at first, avoiding wastage of food, talking with respect to the waiters and so on. These kind of etiquettes are being expected in the restaurant to be a gentle person.

    Public places as well includes your work places. Your workplace is your most important part of life which gives you the earnings. Henceforth, behaving good with your colleagues, respecting your boss and his words, presenting yourself in a clean and gentle manner are the etiquettes in your workplaces which needs to be maintained.

    We walk through the roads and places where we meet such kind of people, who does the mistake of many types. It can be anything like, someone had by mistaken walked over your shoes, or someone has by mistake made your clothes dirty or it can be that someone had an minor road accident in which your vehicle gets scratched. In such situation, you should be calm and talk to them rather to fight with them because fighting won’t give you the solution, rather your impression will get worse.

    These things shows your etiquettes and manners. Though the person is educated or illiterate, but the etiquettes and manners should be very much build up in a person so that everyone likes them.

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