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Activity Discussion Essay Internet Reply To: Internet

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 2, 2021 at 10:00 pm
    Not Helpful

    Like the real world, internet and social medias are a virtual world. So it is being more careful while using internet. Because in real world we can see the others directly. But in virtual world we use the internet and mobile phones as a mediator to see others. We don’t completely know the other. For most website they have a age to enter, mostly eighteen years, or as an adult. We may tagged those website as a adult page. But it is not like that. The age of eighteen we are more healthier. And have some ideas about how to handle the social medias. When we don’t have that idea it is a very big chance to be a victim of social medias spams and cheating.

    Children are passing through a beautiful time of their life. Those days are being a best memorable moments in the life. They can laugh loudly, be more crazy and funny with their family and friends, can play in the ground. But now all kids are sat in front of the computer or mobile phones or television. They are living in the virtual world. They don’t have a good health. In future they have eye, ear, joints problems. Use internet with a limit. Otherwise it is harmful. There are many cyber crime that happens in our society.

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