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Activity Discussion Essay Internet Reply To: Internet

  • Kumari

    June 2, 2021 at 10:25 pm
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    Internet- is definitely a boon for the people aging from a kid to an elderly person . It has helped alot in making our life easier. From buying to selling, from online studies to giving online tutions, learning about study material to earn from giving online tutions internet has helped us alot. There is a temendous development during the era of internet. Earlier people had to go and stand in a line for taking the exam or job forms but now everything can be done sitting at home only. Earlier we had to go out for buying goods and also bargain but now through online shopping we get the product on the lowest rate possible without bargaining. We can learn alot of new things, develop our hobbies and learn skills through the internet. Now-a -days job interviews and examinations are also taken in the online mode only.
    There has been a drastic change in the process of marketing and e commerce in the era of internet. People are switching to online store in the place of market and shops due to the difference in the price and there are more option to choose from in an online stores. Some people have started there own online stores and they are more effective for people in terms of prices, contacting the company, returns and exchanges etc. Also when people buy a product likes it and post the feedback on a social media more people ought to get attracted and will believe on a person’s feedback than the owner’s prasing words for the product. Also the offers and the sales which are given by the compnies attract the customer towards themselves. We get pop us of the online stores while browsing the internet that reminds us about the brand and company but ones we have completed our shopping from a particular offline store most of the time we don’t remember it the next time we have to buy something.

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