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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on My holiday Reply To: Write an essay on My holiday

  • tanya

    June 2, 2021 at 11:19 pm
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    Holidays are the most awaited break from the busy schedule of people’s lives. Everyone, be it a student or a working person needs a holiday. Regardless of whether it is one day or many days, everyone needs it to relax.

    Students use their holidays for enjoying themselves, playing with their friends, or going on vacations whereas working individuals utilize these holidays in completing pending tasks and spending time with their families.

    People generally wait for the occasions when they can be granted a holiday from their office. Holidays have the capability to rejoice people and make them enjoy even that one from their busy schedules. People get the time to remain at home and follow their passion. Or they can do something that interests them. For a working individual, generally, 4-5 day leave is adequate for them to refresh themselves.

    Holidays are the days when everyone can just sit back home and do whatever they want to do. Children get the time to complete their pending homework. Generally, when there is a holiday from school, the children enjoy eating delicious food at home. Students cherish holidays and prefer either playing with their friends or a picnic with their family. Children so honestly wish for their parents’ holiday so that they can spend some quality time with them. Individuals of each long for a holiday. Kids find it extra exciting not getting up early and getting ready for their school.

    People also plan some family gatherings or reunions to enjoy their holiday. Even some people get indulged in some social activities like going to an NGO, meeting new people, helping them in some or the other way.

    A holiday spent on traveling can have a long-lasting impression on our brains. A holiday can bring mental peace for the following hectic days.

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