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Activity Discussion Environment What is biohazard? Reply To: What is biohazard?


    June 3, 2021 at 8:51 am
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    Biohazards are any natural material that originates due to chemical and biochemical processes and can cause a serious and severe threat to living mankind, living creatures, and birds and to the current environment. Biologically, they can be anything, including, human body fluids, etc. Inappropriate deposition and unsanitary methods to dispose of these are highly dangerous to the world.

    So, for this reason, body wastes and other biological and medical wastes should be treated and dumped with proper care otherwise there can be a situation where waste is spread through all parts of our environmental system.

    The symbol of biohazard is quite popular and is attached below:

    The symbol defines the Four Levels of Biohazard:

    The levels or groups as divided by CDC are:

    1. Biohazard level 1: This contains factors that are dangerous in nature but keep a healthy human body unaffected by any diseases.

    2. Biohazard level 2: The direct consumption of such material can infect a perfectly healthy human body.

    3. Biohazard level 3: The direct or indirect consumption of pathogens can cause serious diseases ultimately resulting to cause airborne diseases.

    4. Biohazard level 4: This consumption or getting it directly or indirectly causes life-threatening damages that are incurable at maximum times.

    Effects on Environment:

    1. The mishandled biohazard wastes if disposed of in water bodies and unprotected ground can severely threaten the wildlife around these places. This not only includes wastes but also certain medicines that have been discarded. Both of them can be misleading and dangerous.

    2. Proper protection of groundwater so that it does not get touched by biohazard wastes.

    3. Landfills must be treated with care. Dumped medical wastes and discarded equipment and medication if not treated properly can cause the soil beneath to pollute.

    4. There is a high chance of increasing radioactivity pollution through improper disposal of radioactive materials.

    5. Incineration in landfills can spread through the air contaminating it completely.

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