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Activity Discussion Essay What is the importance of reading novel? Reply To: What is the importance of reading novel?

  • Sakchi

    June 3, 2021 at 12:01 pm
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    As , we are always teached that there are basic four Communication skills. Listening, reading , writing and lastly speaking. And these Communication need to be followed step by step.

    Reading good books and novels are really very important because:-

    1. Reading is the Communication skills that altimately improves your speaking skills and pronounciation too. If one should give one hour daily in it she can improve her English pronunciation very effectively.

    2. Good books and novels consists of bunch of knowledge. Book and novels provides us various life lessons which we need to follow in our life.

    3. Improves vocabulary:- Good books and novels are consists of number of new words and phrases and many more. If you learn only one word each day than you can raise it to thirty within one month.

    4. Reading is also considered as one the good habits . So if you are reading good books than your personality also grooms.

    5. Reading books can also improve your speeking styles, you can check yourself where to apply stress, where to low the pitch , frequency etc.

    6. Also it boosts up your English, hindi or any language you wish to improve . As novels and books are always properly framed with advance language.

    7. If you want to learn throughout your life than this is the best option for you.

    8. Reading also improve your writing skills too as when you read you must focus on spelling and words so the chances of spelling mistakes will reduce automatically.

    9. You have ability to influence anyone with your great words if you have knowledge . Novels teaches us life lessons always . So you can implement it in your own life and also give to anyone needed.

    10. By reading good books, you can change the mentality of people and also remove stereotypes thinking of the people.

    There is lots and lots of benefits of reading good books and novels. So ,we must read any good books or novels regularly.

    Thank you!!

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