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Activity Discussion Essay Imagine a day in your life. Reply To: Imagine a day in your life.

  • Ishita

    June 3, 2021 at 12:12 pm
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    Life After Pandemic

    Covid 19 pandemic change our lives completely. We are free to go everywhere, do everything and we like to meet with a new person everyday. But this pandemic completely isolated ourselves from everyone. From the March of 2020 this pandemic hit our lives and it continually effect on lives. Many of people lose their close one and jobs. We all waited for the day when this dark time end. But we can imagine what will we do after this pandemic end. We can go freely everywhere without wearing any mask. We can live our lives fearlessly. Children can play outside without worrying. We can be free and fearless. All of us wouldn’t have to fear of losing our family and friends. Firstly the school, college and all of the institution will be open. Every students can able to go to school. Education system will be redeemed. The state of the economic condition of our country is collapse during this pandemic so our government can be redeemed it. We can go for holiday outside. Many of the people will have their jobs back. Many of the families will smile again. The lack of food and comfort will be stopped for many of the family when we back to normal. We will be able to celebrate all of our festival and occasion with each other without any worries. But for now the things we can do is hope, the hope of being lead normal life. We can just be positive to overcome every thing.

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