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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Prepositions Reply To: Prepositions

  • Ishita

    June 3, 2021 at 12:26 pm
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    Preposition is a very important part of the parts of speech. It’s usually used to give a direction,description, and places of a particular sentences, phrase and words. We cannot use any sentences without preposition. Let’s learn it


    Preposition is kind of parts of speech which is use to give time, direction, place, description of a particular word, sentences, or phrase.

    Example:- in, on, up, above,by, under, at, to etc.

    The cat is under the table.

    The book is on the desk.

    I want to go school.

    She lost her phone at a party.

    They were sitting by the pool.

    Types of preposition:-

    There are seven types of preposition,

    1)Simple preposition

    2) Double preposition

    3) Compound preposition

    4)Phrasal preposition

    5) Participle preposition

    6) Disguised preposition

    7) Detached preposition

    Let’s learn the types of preposition

    1) Simple preposition:- up, at, for, by, in, out, of, off, through, till etc.

    keep the money in your poket.

    Thre is a playground at the school.

    2)Double preposition:- up to, within, without, upon, onto, into, through out etc.

    I will look into it.

    She was laughing trough out the seminar.

    3) Compound preposition:- along, across, before, behind, above, about etc.

    I came before he come.

    The tree is behind me.

    4) Phrasal preposition:- in favor of, owing to, by means of, in addition to, in spite of etc.

    In spite of being I’ll she come.

    She give me a dree in the favor of my help.

    5) Participle preposition:- considering, barring, touching, concerning etc.

    Stop touching it.

    It is still concerning.

    6) Disguised preposition:- this kind of preposition are used indirectly by their shorter from, example:- ‘a’ and ‘o’.

    It is 9 o’clock in the morning

    7) Detached preposition:-

    Detached preposition is a kind of preposition which come after an object.

    Here is the pen which you asked for.

    Which place are you working in?

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