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  • Ishita

    June 3, 2021 at 1:17 pm
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    Rani day

    Rainy season is my favorite season. Rain brings a very beautiful atmosphere with cool breeze and rain shower. I really enjoy rainy day very much. When I woke up in the morning the sky is grey and and lightning around the sky. I thought to skip my school but mother told me today is a very important class of my so I can’t skip my school. When I went to the bus stop for going school the small rain drops were falling from the sky. I brig my umbrella so I didn’t get wet. When I sat on the bus the speed of the rain become so heavy. I really enjoy the rain and the cool breeze while going. When I reached my school the rain were more quicker than before. Thought I have umbrella but still some part of my dress become wet. After going into the school our teacher announced that today will be our holiday for the rain. I was so happy. Me and my friends were went outside and playing in the rain. We made paper boats and folte it in the water. We played a lot . After some time we all returned to home. We mother become so angry she thought I might get sick. So she scolded me. I took a shower and ate my lunch. Then took my mid day nap. I had a great day. I love rainy day.

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