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Activity Discussion Environment What is afforestation? Reply To: What is afforestation?

  • Mahima

    June 3, 2021 at 5:41 pm
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    The practise of planting trees on land is known as afforestation.. Also, it means growing trees on the abandoned land.


    1) Supply of forest products

    Planting trees on previously unproductive land guarantees that needed items continue to be available. Using natural forests as a source of energy might be risky. Because of government and environmental policies, it is also unpredictable. Creating new woods also provides the community with vital resources such as feed, fruits, firewood, and other resources. Afforestation not only makes resources available but also assures that they are sustainable in the future.

    2) Soil erosion prevention

    In desolate terrain, soil erosion is a typical concern. On a windy day, the barren ground is not the ideal place to be. Strong winds blow through barren terrain, carrying big particles of dirt and causing soil erosion as well as lowering air quality. Winds are slowed by trees, which reduces their effect and capacity to transport large dirt particles. Tree roots help securely keep the soil together during flooding, ensuring that the soil remains in place.

    The effect of raindrops on the ground is also reduced by tree leaves and branches, avoiding water drop erosion. Farmers will have fertile soil to raise crops if the soil is kept in situ. Landslides are less likely in securely held soil, especially in steep and mountainous areas.

    3) Stabilize the climate

    Planting trees is a tried and true method of altering dry and semiarid environments. Rainfall is more common in areas with more trees, therefore planting trees is an excellent strategy to regulate the climate. As the world’s only natural air conditioners, trees also lessen the greenhouse effect, avoiding higher temperatures.

    4) a Better quality air

    Trees have a critical function in air purification. People who live in locations with trees are less prone to suffer from breathing problems. Through photosynthesis, trees purify carbon dioxide and provide oxygen. Trees not only remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but they also remove greenhouse gas emissions. They also trap dirt particles in the air, improving the quality of the air.

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