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Activity Discussion General Discussion Opinion on teen depression. Reply To: Opinion on teen depression.

  • Tejasri

    June 3, 2021 at 6:05 pm
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    Reason behind the depression is over thinking. Over thinking is the root cause of the depression. Most of the teenagers have the habit of overthinking on a particular situation or a topic. The teen over thinks on a situation where there is no solution for it and fell out for the depression. Whenever there is a problem, and individual must try to discuss it with the elders or try to find a solution for it. Whenever there is no solution for it, the individual must stop thinking about the situation and must move on to the ordinary life.

    The another reason behind the depression is being over emotional. The individual must not be over emotional because if he/she is over emotional, ultimately feels sick and also depressed. It is very important for the individual to control their emotion.

    When the individual doesn’t stop overthinking and being over emotional, then the individual will definitely feel depressed.

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