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Activity Discussion Essay How we faces the current pandamic condition Reply To: How we faces the current pandamic condition

  • Shweta

    June 3, 2021 at 6:14 pm
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    The current pandemic that is, covid-19 is between us till now. The outcome has been such that everything is affected due to the pandemic. People says that there was never such kind of pandemic before in their lives. The works has been stopped, people chose to die because of their poverty. The people who earns on a daily basis like auto drivers, sweepers, workers etc., cannot afford to sit and eat during the whole lockdown. That is the reason why so many suicide attempts took place. These are the economic things which people faced.

    Though anyhow the works has been started by taking precautions, reducing the work hours but the most important thing which has not been seen is the condition of the students. The students has faced problem a lot. The students regular routine was to go to school everyday, come back home take rest and again the tuition. These routine has totally been stopped. The schools and institution are stopped since 2020 and till now it’s not opened. The students cannot cope up by living in house all the time and these are the reasons why many students are depressed.

    But the online classes has helped out alot in continuing the studies. Henceforth, at first students were not able to understand or cope up with the decision of online classes but anyhow the students understood the concept of it. The students has shown that being positive in this situation will surely one day results in everything to be fine and normal and they can carry on with their regular routine.

    This is the time at which students might sometimes gets frustrated at home but you have to be positive and keep your attitude good because nothing lasts forever. Have patience, everything will be fine very soon.

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