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Activity Discussion Essay E-books better then traditional paper books? Reply To: E-books better then traditional paper books?

  • Shweta

    June 3, 2021 at 6:22 pm
    Not Helpful

    E books can never be competed with the traditional books. The books which we keep in front of our eye and study gives you the real satisfaction of studying the topic. Henceforth, e-books has been introduced now are in very much demand but it also contains many disadvantage.

    The traditional books can be more helpful to you as you can mark your points which is important. But in e books you cannot do such only the thing you can do is you can read it.

    The traditional book does not give any harm to your eyes whereas the e books studying will cause harm to your eyes. Your eyesight gets weak by continuously watching on a digital screen.

    Not all the time you will wish to open an e book and find the topic at where you had stopped. But the books can help you out good in such situation. You can fold the page at where you had stopped and you can open it anytime without delay.

    The e books are digital screens at which you will have to type the answers but in the traditional books you can write the answers or key words anywhere.

    The traditional books are preferred much more better than the e books, it is advised to use lesser the e books and use more of the traditional books.

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