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  • Anushree

    June 3, 2021 at 7:23 pm
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    Schedule is a very important element in each and everyone’s life a proper schedule can make as well as an improper schedule can even break someone’s life. Time is the most precious thing in this universe and therefore a proper management of time is very much necessary. A proper schedule does not all means a hectic one with 100% efficiency but it should be taken care of that it should even consist of rest, time for leisure and at the same time maximum efficiency. Time table gives a person a detailed insight or what they do in an entire day and helps to improve the next day. Also pre planned time table helps to reduce wastage of time as everything to be done is pre planned and a person is aware of his/her chores as a result they do not get burdened with work and can also meet deadlines with comfort.

    When following a proper schedule, a person gets enough rooms for improvement it also improves the sleep cycle of people who have a very busy day and can even improve lifestyles. Constructing a time table is tough but what is more though is to follow it. Everyone should make and follow a time table for better time management.

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