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Activity Discussion General Discussion Opinion on teen depression. Reply To: Opinion on teen depression.

  • Jyothi krishna

    June 3, 2021 at 9:08 pm
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    Depression is a psychological disorder. There are many reasons to have depression. But to overcome depressed stage is most important and the only remedy. Teenage is the age of complete change. Have changes in body, sound, character, age etc. The elders must take care the teen agers either is it a boy or a girl. It is easy for the children in teen age to go through a bad ways. So that it is difficult to handle the teen agers.

    By having different changes happens they have mood swings. Some times being angry, calm, happy or silent. Tries to hear them and spend some time with them. They are not aware about the changes that happened in their body. So they tries to search about it from friends or other elder friends. Sometimes the peers and friends mocked them. That insult badly affects their mind. Later it leads to a stage of depression. While going through depression they don’t have interest in anything, they are completely isolated from their own world, become silent or more anger. Some don’t show their sadness, they hides their feelings in their heart and shows their happy faces, sometimes we feel that they are very happy than the past. But these condition is very dangerous, if they don’t get proper attention and treatment they ends their life.

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